Planar Development Guide


Fancy changing some stuff around? Below you will find links to pages (often with more links) guiding you on how to do this. Becuase we don't have much time, we don't have compressed data files, and everything is in plain text, so its pretty easy to start making modifications, and using them ingame! If you are intending to change the source code, this guide will also hopefully make up for the lack of comments! The recent addition of Plugins (not present in Denim Ratchet) will make making complicated systems much easier.

Warning! This guide is very in-complete and certain features may not be available in current versions of the executable.


Func Types - Planar Func types
Animgs - Planar Animations and how to use them
Items - Details of ingame item handelling
Scripting - Scripts, how to use them and the nity gritty
Sounds - Using sounds in Planar
Levels - Levels explained
Console - The Console Explained
Plugins - Plug(in)s Guide

Development Assemblies

Visit the Development Directory to access recent versions of the Planar Executable and Affiliated Libraries. You will notice that all the Tao libraries are present (as well as free glut) and current 3 Planar Libraries for handelling sound (the newest engine 'Lathe' has better sound support loaded from a DLL, so that libraries can be interchanged between windows and linux) and 'WMPLib.dll' (the Windows Media Player Library .NET Wrapper) which is used by 'PlanarSoundWMPLib.dll' (Which is the same as 'PlanarSound.dll', as this is the DLL the executable loads on start up). 'PlanarSoundOld.dll' can replace the WMPLib based one to allow Planar to run happily on Linux, but doesn't really handel sound. A suitable sound library for linux will be produced at some point.

Some testing/example Plugs are also in that directory, and there purposes are listed below: