Planar has primative support for playing wave files (.wav), ONE AT A TIME. This is mainly for testing, it should work properly for the next commerical release of Planar.

Main Sounds

There is a dictionary of sound players for each level, which you can add to with the named load function sound filename where 'filename' is the filename of the wav file. There exec functions allow you to control the sound players:

Body Sounds

Bodies too have a dictionary of sounds players which (like animgs) are played and sstopped by the program accoring to state chnages (eg. when you start running, its plays the 'run' sound effect, and stop it when you stop running). There is also support for one time sounds, eg. when you start or stop being in a state. There are denoted by +/- at the start. '+run' would be played once when a body starts running, '-run' would be played once a body stops running.

These sounds are added by the load function body_sound bodyName name filename where 'bodyName' is the body name, the dictionary is given the 'name' property, and 'filename' is the filname of the sound.